Friday, April 1, 2011

April Shows

We're playing a ton of shows this month--see the sidebar for links and details.

First, we'll be playing at the Kids Rock-n-Romp at the Fenton Street Market on Saturday, April 16. This is going to be so much fun we are going to pee our pants and then have a temper tantrum!

Then, we're the featured guest at the Iota Open Mic on Wednesday, April 20. We'll play for about half an hour right around 9:30.

And from April 28-30 we'll be taking a swing through the North Atlantic seaboard, playing DC, Boston, and New York on tour with Pearl and the Beard and Kingsley Flood. The tour is sponsored by the good folks at,
who are hosting a Green Getaways Expo in Brooklyn, NY on April 30 in, apparently, this building:

Check out our facebook page for more details.

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