Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tear Yourself Apart

Portland, OR has been good to us. Here's a video of us playing Tear Yourself Apart (a new song) at the house show we played here.

Also, you can watch us play Josh's song "Dirty Blind," which is about corneal abrasions. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tour Constitution

We're off! Played two shows in San Francisco yesterday. Met a lot of lovely people and fantastic musicians. StitchCraft's CD release party for Though the Hoolaboo. I never seen such violin shredding and pretty singing in my whole life. 

After the show we stayed in the house of StitchCraft's violinist Anna and her bff, who are the two nicest people yet born. Much love. 

In honor of the beginnings of our meanderings, we find it necessary to draft for ourselves some articles of confederation. So:


Article One: No member of the JS-UPS tour shall, while looking into the trunk, say "Oh shit!" or utter any other expression of surprise, dread, or horror, so as to avoid invoking in his or her band mates the impression that any of our equipment has been lost, stolen or damaged; and thus to avoid causing in each any premature cardiac arrest. 

Article Two: Easy on the booze. Livers aren't for sale on ebay. Yet.

Article Three: Rachel may not be referred to as "lovely," "pretty," "beautiful," "adorable," "cute," "ornamental," "delicate," "fragile," or, "a delightful hostess." Acceptable substitutes include, "hard working," "balls to the wall," "shit kicking," "take no prisoners," "the shredmeister," "environmentally aware," and "fair trade certified."

Article Four: No more than one greasy spoon per day.

Article Five: This constitution may be amended unilaterally by any member of the JS-UPS tour who happens to have access to this blogger account (sorry Josh.)