Monday, December 14, 2009

Show at Rock'n'Roll Hotel - 12/18 - 8pm

Fellow's and Fella's, we've got a show this Friday, Dec. 18th.

Rock'n'Roll Hotel - 1353 H St. NE, DC

We will be followed by two DC bands who's music and video's we highly recommend:

Casper Bangs (


Army of Me (

We'll see you there!

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  1. Rachel, I am afraid I missed the winter tour but I was working down here in the ATL. You may know that I am an Earlham graduate of 1988. I noticed you did'nt play at, "Eddies Attic" in Decatur.
    This is the home crowd of the Shuan Mullins, everything is going to be allright guy, and those lovely ladies of Indigo who wrote that song about going to The Doctor. This is the place where they sign banjo chicks to big contracts. The cats from The Elephant 6 Collective don't hang there making it sort of rival gang territory for me. Keep up the good work and stick with your mates. You have a terrific stage name, but I wanted to ask you if you are related to Jon Lord of Deep Purple?