Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MiddleMarch vs. Old Harriet

If any of you have ever read Middlemarch you may remember the complex and sharp critique which George Eliot (aka Mary Anne Evans) makes about British Society and feminity. I have just begun to read this book, and at the moment I am anticipating her to narrate the political and social changes within a community, impacted largely by the rebellious female character, Dorothea. Already, within the first 50 pages Dorothea is bucking tradition, marrying an academic and taking on the challenge of improving the housing for the lower-class peasants. She is clearly bucking the social system and has shocked her neighbors with her preference for intelligence instead of aesthetics in her husband.

And, this may be a jump, but I will venture to say that Dorothea and Harriet (see interview below) take a similar position in society, stepping outside of their social bounds in order to accomplish what they would like to do in society: Harriet is called to rock'n'roll and Dorothea is called to moral philosophies.

We will see where this goes...if anyone has any help on understanding the underlying social conflicts in Britain in the 1820's, please feel free to write. And, if anyone has any opinions about Old Harriet, please do share.

And, on a band-note, we have our first shows on Sunday, in San Fransisco - see our show listing on the side!

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